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ERA Indonesia open a business opportunity for individual and corporate to be a Member Broker. Member Broker is an office owner or professional that opening a Broker Property Office in Indonesia. Equipped with operational tools, Member Broker is direct to be an independent enterpreneur in running and develop Broker Property business such as Buy, Sell, and Rent. “Blueprint for Success”, a training program exclusively by ERA Indonesia to train Member Broker to be a successfull Broker.

The training content is the basic needs to start up Broker Property business such as Budget Planning, Market Analysis, Finance Management, How to Direct and Motivate Marketing Associates.

ERA Indonesia Product & Service is a supporting facility exclude from the training gain in order to fasten and simplify the proses of buy, sell and rent. Member Broker has to recruit professional with enterpreneur known as Marketing Associate with the role to be the first line as marketer handling the buyer and seller. Marketing Associate is the professional asset for Member Broker.

ERA Indonesia prepare and support all Marketing Associate till ready independently to operate in the field. “Sales System Training” held by ERA Indonesia attempt the development of Marketing Associate potential, professionally. This training covered detail ways and technics in conducting buy, sell and rent process and the follow up.

ERA Indonesia product and services give chances for Marketing Associate to work on as property agent. ERA Indonesia open the opprotunity for Marketing Associate to get optimal income.

Furhter information and other requirement please contact Mr. Moch. Sidiq Syah at Training Department ERA Indonesia at .(021) 570-8000 / (021) 2967 5123 / 0812 138 0067.